Training & Development  


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Accredited with the Services SETA - Accreditation number: 2307 

All our interventions are customized to address the unique work environment and objectives of our clients. 


Our services include: 

  • Skill Audits 
  • Develop and customize training course material 
  • Facilitate training interventions 
  • External Skills Development Facilitator service (Develop, implement and monitor Work Skill Plans; complete and submit Annual Training Reports)  
  • Assist training providers with their accreditation process in line with the guidelines of SAQA and the respective ETQA's 
  • NQF level assessment 


Skills Programmes

These are two programmes which are credit bearing and can be utilized to further future formal education qualifications.

Skills Programme: Motivate and build a team

Unit standard: 242819

NQF level: 4

Credits: 10


Skills Programme: Apply knowledge of self and team in order to develop a plan to enhance team performance

Unit standard: 13912

NQF level: 3

Credits: 5


Learning Outcomes  

After completing this course delegates will be able to: 

  • Understand him/herself as a worker in a specific position. 
  • Identify his/her role in an organisation. 
  • Understand the dynamics within a specific group. 
  • Use a variety of strategies to deal with potential conflict in a team or group. 
  • Developing a plan of action to enhance team performance  
  • Explain the importance of motivating a team. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of self and team members in a workplace. 
  • Apply theories of motivation and group dynamics. 
  • Implement a plan of action to strengthen a team. 
  • Provide feedback and recognize achievements.  
  • Manage and improve team performance and deal with typical challenges when role shift from operational to management. 


View our Full Course Directory here