Hi Zelda

It has been such a pleasure having you. I've hardly seen you but I know you have assisted greatly and in a most professional manner. Thank you so much for helping us 'in our hour of need'. I wish you everything of the best for the future - for those things planned and for those things yet unknown. Whatever you put your hand to, I am sure will be a great success.

Glenda Cunningham
HR Manager
Chevron Refinery

Beste Zelda,

Baie dankie dat jy my aandag hierop gevestig het. Ons maak stadig maar seker vordering. Die onderhoude met die finale kortlys kandidate vind eerskomende Saterdag, 2 September 2006 plaas. (sien die onderstaande lys).

Baie dankie vir die puik diens wat julle gelewer het.

Vriendelike Groete
John October
HR Direkteur

HR Inspiration client feedbackDear Zelda. Your guidance in preparing me for my job hunting is coming in useful now. I sit on the other side of the table now and see guys sweating in a mock interview the way I was sweating to answer your questions! HR Inspiration positive client feedback


Hi Zelda/Simone

We, the July/August new Chevron employees, would like to pass our sincere gratitude on for all your efforts in making our relocation to Chevron successful. In addition, we would like to thank you for the role you had played in solving the different kinds of problems we had with regards to our relocation to Cape Town (for those relocated employees). We are glad to inform you that we are now settled at Chevron, and Cape Town as well, and we are looking forward to an enjoyable and comfortable stay at Chevron. Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your career, and continue to do an excellent job as you already did and still doing. However if we encounter any problems, we hope we can contact you still. Meanwhile, good luck in all your endeavours.

Best Regards
July/August Chevron Employees

Hi Zelda,

Just some feedback...a couple of the Ops Supervisors have mentioned to me that they are seeing a real positive difference in the new people (Operators) joining the Refinery. Specifically, "they are more mature", "they have a better, more positive attitude", "they are more willing to work and learn" and "are not as hung up on money" ...all of this in comparison to the people taken on years ago. The point is, they put this down to your efforts/influence. So, I'm not sure what you do or how you do it, but keep on doing it because your efforts are making a noticeable difference out there.

Barry Hobson

HR Inspiration client feedbackResponsiveness, professionalism and quality of work are excellent. Prices are good and most of all, very good candidates, i.e. good screening and filtering process. Great communication all round (i.e. phone, email etc). I will use your services again. HR Inspiration positive client feedback

Ian Cohen
Regional Sales Manager, Energy Services

Your professionalism is excellent, while your responsiveness and quality of work are good. We appreciate your efficiency in getting things to us when urgently needed, most about your service. We are likely to use your service as often as needed and will recommend your service to others.

C Naidoo


Short summary of the workshops of which I attended with Nina Barnes.

1: The Role Clarification.
Has given me a better understanding of what my role entails, and also of others at the Fund. Also each individual role is important and that others must be informed of our roles, to give better understanding and strengthen our team building in the company. It also helps me as a supervisor to have better communication with my team.

2: Emotional Intelligence.
The EI has even a bigger effect on me for it depicts the human emotions that you feel and experience from day to day. At the end of the day, I’ve realise that I need to expand my paradigm if I want to grow in my emotions and dealing with them in the right way, which will make my task much easier at work and at home & in my spiritual life.

3: Facilitator- Nina Barnes.
She’s well prepared, always open for suggestions and questions and very diligent in the task at hand. Always gives feedback and a wonderful person to liaise with.

Tina Abrahams
Building Administrator
Attorneys Fidelity Fund

HR Inspiration client feedbackHi Zelda. Net om weereens baie dankie te se vir al die moeite wat jy vir my gedoen het.jy stap werklik die tweede myl met jou kliente. Ek waardeer opreg, alles wat jy vir my gedoen het. Weereens BAIE DANKIE. GroeteHR Inspiration positive client feedback


Good Morning Zelda

Thank you so much for the time opportunity you gave me for furthering my career in a very professional manner. I have so much more that I would want to know and experience, but all in due time. Please could you let me know which date this training course will be offered as I have accepted the job at National Shipchandlers. Thank you so much for all the encouraging words and hope that your doors will always be open for questions and answers.

Kind Regards
Wendy Hendricks

Good morning

Yes I would like to apply for the position. Thank you for coming back to me. I also would like to thank you for the inspiration you gave me on Friday.

My regards

HR Inspiration client feedbackHi Zelda and team I am most impressed with your achievements and the image you have created for yourselves and those who are benefiting from it. Your are indeed an inspiration to us. Well done. Kind regards, HR Inspiration positive client feedback

Pazuna Stofile

Training Feedback

Hallo Carmen

Ek hoop dit goed met jou, en dat jy gister se sessie oorleef het. Ek wil net vir jou baie dankie sê vir die wonderlike kurus wat jy vir my aangebied het. Ek was lanklaas in my lewe so geinspireerd.

Dit is ook die eerste kursus wat ek vir mense kan vertel waaroor dit gegaan het. In fact ek het dit so goed gedoen dat hulle nou vir my gevra het om vir hulle ook van wat jy my geleer het aan hulle oor tedra Can you believe it!!!! Ek het nog nooit so iets in my lewe gedoen nie. Dit wys net hoe goed is jy!! Maar nou het ek ‘n problem ek het geen materiaal om op te werk nie. Ek weet jy het gesê jy stuur dit vir my Maandag. Dan net ‘n vragie. Kry ek nie ‘n sertifikaat vir die kurus nie. Ek verbeel my daar was so iets genoem gewees. Dit is vir my baie belangrik dat ek ‘n sertifikaat kry vir hierdie kursus anders kan ek dit nie op my CV sit nie.

Ek is seker jy is nie vandag op kantoor nie, maar indien wel lekker naweek.

Adél Joubert

Morning Carmen

Thank you so much for your letter.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was really inspired and motivated by the material covered and our discussions. I will definitely attend more courses in future.

Have a wonderful day.

Ronel Momberg

HR Inspiration client feedback Thank u for everything Zelda. I don't think u understand how much u change lives. God will bless for the wonderful work u do.... By the way our GGR is doing really good this month as well...I'm soooo happy I could "die" lol... Have a good day HR Inspiration positive client feedback

Yoli aka "Queen"

Hi Zelda

It was a pleasure to have had an opportunity to be in your training. I’ve gained extensive knowledge and skills to deal with different challenges at work and outside of work.

Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Kind regards,
David Mboweni

Good day Zelda

Thank you for listening and for the time you have taken to encourage,support and help resolve some of the frustrations.

God richly bless you.

Kind Regards,

HR Inspiration client feedback Dear Zelda, Thank you very much for the informative sessions we had with you. You have really broadened our potential and abilities. Yes, I found the book and it is really inspiring. Hoping to see you in the near future. Best regards, HR Inspiration positive client feedback

Zanele Zwane, Vukani Gaming Gauteng (Pty) Ltd

Thanks Carmen

I really appreciate what you and your company are doing for us. I think I can talk on behalf of all the others that we have really learn a lot the last couple of weeks and that we can actually use this in our environment and hopefully we can use this to the best of our ability to grow our company!

Thanks again!!!!

Heinie Coetzee

Good Morning Carmen,

Sorry for only getting back to you now, I was a bit caught up in month end stuff.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for that very kind comment. Secondly, Thank you for one of the most amazing and insightful course that I have ever been on. It was truly amazing. I would very much be interested in your next course, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee that I will be able to attend it.

Once again, thank you for an amazing course.

Kind Regards,
Robyn Hawkins