HR Inspiration specializes in providing bespoke HR solutions resulting in a competitive advantage for our clients. We provide inspirational, creative and proven theoretical HR Solutions designed to improve your company’s productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale.

Some organizations select our services to supplement an existing human resource department while others find it advantageous to utilize our services in place of a formal human resource function. We are a black woman-owned company, with strategic partnerships and alliances with a number of specialist organizations.


We critically reflect on our services on a continuous basis to measure our performance against our strategic objectives.

Recruitment, Selection & Retention

The key component of a competitive advantage for organizations is to attract, motivate and retain human capital.

Our services include:

Training & Development

HR Inspiration is an Accredited Provider with the Services Seta and is fully compliant with all relevant legislative requirements pertaining to the National Skills Development Framework.

We offer an intellectual contribution through the following services:

External Skills Development Facilitator Services

This service includes

Workplace skills plans are submitted to the SETA on behalf of our clients and we provide quarterly written feedback on progress. To ensure our client receives the maximum return on investment, this service includes the completion of the annual training report and submission to the relevant SETA.

As part of our service we will also monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan and retain records of all Skill Development Levy payments and training expenses.

Career Management

Career management can be briefly described as an ongoing process in which an individual gathers relevant information about him/her and the world of work and develops an aligned career strategy designed to achieve set goals.

We empower individuals to:

Psychometric Assessments

What is the value in using Psychometric Assessments?

Assessments provide information about traits that are difficult to gauge accurately in day to day encounters or in the traditional ways of information gathering such as interviews, etc.

What does it measure?

Assessments can measure, amongst other aspects, individual capability, personality traits, development potential as well as ‘fit’ in terms of job-specific requirements and company culture.

A psychometric assessment is a standard tool in which objective information about individuals can be obtained as it allows for the comparison of individuals in an objective manner.

What is the benefit for the organisation?