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We critically reflect on our services on a continuous basis to measure our performance against our strategic objectives. We provide inspirational, creative and proven theoretical HR solutions to improve your company's performance. 

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  • Medico-legal assessments Open or Close

    A medico-legal assessment is used to settle disputes related to the medical health status of an employee. This evaluation provides an unbiased medical answer in cases of occupational injury, occupational disease or short and long term disability.

  • Training Open or Close


    All our interventions are customized to address the unique work environment and objectives of our clients. We are an accredited Training Provider.

  • HR Consulting Open or Close


    The human resource consulting industry has emerged from management consulting and addresses human resource management tasks and decisions. The role is traditionally demonstrated by organizational development and change consulting

  • Psychometric Assessments Open or Close


    • •  We use the most appropriate assessment depending on each situation and the particular need.
    • •  Assessments vary based on personality, abilities, competencies, career and potential.


    What is the value in using Psychometric Assessments? 

    Assessments provide information about traits that are difficult to gauge accurately in day to day encounters or in the traditional ways of information gathering such as interviews, etc.  


    What does it measure?  

    Assessments can measure, amongst other aspects, individual capability, personality traits, development potential as well as ‘fit’ in terms of job-specific requirements and company culture. 

    A psychometric assessment is a standard tool in which objective information about individuals can be obtained as it allows for the comparison of individuals in an objective manner. 


    What is the benefit for the organisation? 

    • •  The ongoing and long-term use of assessment information is cost-effective and can assist in supporting a company’s HR strategy and hence its business vision
    • •  When the output of an assessment is applied effectively, it facilitates appropriate placement and development, which in turn serves to motivate and retain employees
    • •  In a selection context, assessment can improve accuracy by up to 40 – 50%.
  • Career Management Open or Close


    Career management can be briefly described as an ongoing process in which an individual gathers relevant information about him/her and the world of work and develops an aligned career strategy designed to achieve set goals.

    We empower individuals to:

    • •  Set clear career goals and strategies based on individual assessments
    • •  Implement and manage their career goals and strategies



  • Coaching Open or Close


    The main objective of coaching is to ”help someone else learn something that he/she would have learnt less well, more slowly or not at all if left alone” (Chip Bell)

    We assist with:

    • Individual approach to assess needs and develop an unique coaching program
    • Regular assessments throughout program




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